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    The Firm advises clients on corporate governance, corporate and commercial matters, providing assistan1ce in the corporate and business sectors, including aspects concerning the decision-making corporate bodies and their responsibility, as well as with respect the corporate holdings and the safeguard of the shareholders’ rights and interests.

    Thanks to the significant experience gained in the field, the Firm provides its assistance in relation to mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and, in general, extraordinary corporate transactions, including in the context of financial or industrial restructuring, both with respect to private and listed companies, also advising clients in complex transactions in the asset management sector, with specific reference to the investment funds and private equity fields.

    In particular, the Firm provides assistance to Italian and international companies, industrial groups, investment funds and financial institutions.


    The Firm advises clients on matters concerning debt restructuring and management of corporate crisis, both on the debtor’s and the creditor’s sides, assisting corporations, financial institutions and investment funds, Italian and international, in all transactions and agreements related to insolvency or pre-insolvency situations, as well as in litigations that may arise from the relevant procedures.

    The Firm offers its advice with respect to the admission to, and management of, the various insolvency and pre-insolvency procedures, including in a litigation scenario, as well as in opposing judgments declaring bankruptcy and claw-back actions, also assisting clients in filing proofs of claim in bankruptcy and other insolvency proceedings and in the related opposition actions.


    The Firm advises clients in the field of administrative law, assisting Italian and international clients with respect to elaborate and complex issues arising from administrative procedures at all levels and stages, with specific focus on the awarding of public works, services and supplies in the environmental sector. The Firm’s assistance also includes due diligence activities in the context of M&A transactions, sale and purchase of real estate assets as well as energy production plants, financing or refinancing also in project finance structures or through bond issues.


    The Firm assists private and corporate clients, whether Italian or international, in civil litigation, both in judicial and arbitration proceedings.

    The Firm advises, both in pre-litigation and in litigation phases, in complex disputes concerning civil, corporate and contractual matters as well as in disputes relating to corporate crisis, insolvency and product liability.

    Moreover, the Firm supports clients in the activities of assistance and representation in arbitration judgments before a Single Arbitrator or Arbitration Boards as well as in ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).


    The Firm assists private and corporate clients in the field of credit protection, through the preparation of appropriate strategies aimed at managing credit positions both in the extrajudicial and judicial phases, as well as in the evaluation and assessment of suitable real and personal guarantees for supporting the various credit positions.

    The Firm supports clients in evaluating the advisability of initiating legal actions, in relation to specific legal and judicial issues pertaining to the relevant debt position, in each instance identifying the emergency and ordinary procedures to safeguard the credit position, including enforcement procedures, concerning movable and/or real estate assets, best suited to meet the clients' interests.

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